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Whilst we thoroughly enjoy capturing weddings, pre-wedding portrait sessions would have to share first place.

So which do we enjoy the most? Why choose when we can combine the ‘getting ready’ elements of a wedding, have the couple in the same location and add a fresh twist to an engagement session.

Introducing the delightful Tash and David. You may remember Tash, as a beautiful bridesmaid to Anna & Brett for their stunning yeppoon wedding.

Tash and David are busy planning their own elegant wedding for the Hyatt Sanctuary Cove.

jgp tash david layout 1 tash & david . mount cotton . engagementjgp tash david layout 2 tash & david . mount cotton . engagementjgp tash david layout 3 tash & david . mount cotton . engagementjgp tash david layout 4 tash & david . mount cotton . engagementjgp tash david layout 5 tash & david . mount cotton . engagementjgp tash david layout 6 tash & david . mount cotton . engagement

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rich - such sweet photos! absolutely love the vision of this shoot!

tina stott - Love these pictures. It’s so nice to see such a happy couple caught on camera.

Kelly Adams - Love this concept! And such beautiful & playful images. :-)

Sidd Rishi - Such cute photos :)

Agi Davis - I love the last photograph!!!! Beautiful feel!!!!!x

Kimberley Rose Hargreaves - Hehe very cute Tash n Dave, my favs the one of you guys and Boo.. :D

Anna Donaldson - Beautiful!! Great work Josh and Kylie! What a great idea :)

Tasha Ames - Love love love it guys xoxo

Michael Thompson - Nice Josh. Still love looking at your work.

gabrielle & justin . brisbane . wedding

“True love is about the chills that hit every part of your spine when you think about each other” ~ Anonymous

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GabrielleJustin Blog Layout 17 gabrielle & justin . brisbane . weddingGabrielleJustin Blog Layout 23 gabrielle & justin . brisbane . weddingGabrielleJustin Blog Layout 34 gabrielle & justin . brisbane . weddingGabrielleJustin Blog Layout 64 gabrielle & justin . brisbane . weddingGabrielleJustin Blog Layout 73 gabrielle & justin . brisbane . weddingGabrielleJustin Blog Layout 92 gabrielle & justin . brisbane . weddingGabrielleJustin Blog Layout 102 gabrielle & justin . brisbane . weddingGabrielleJustin Blog Layout 112 gabrielle & justin . brisbane . weddingGabrielleJustin Blog Layout 124 gabrielle & justin . brisbane . wedding

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Heidi and Kev - Beautiful as always you two.. Just beautiful.

Charlie - Gorgeous work again!Love the shot with the two chairs!

Samantha - So elegant and sophisticated. Just beautiful.

Jessica Kooi - That image of the bridesmaid crying is priceless! You really have an eye for detail Josh. Seriously. Most photographers won’t look for stuff like that. They will only focus on the bride and groom. I think when the bride looks at her pictures in a few years, she will look back and think “ohh what a sweet bridesmaid. I’m so glad I picked her / she was part of my wedding / part of my life”. These pictures are more than JUST pictures. They are memories and that is pretty much priceless!!!

Erin Goodman - I am quite impressed with these photos. I love how you captured the perfume used by the bride and all the small little details of her day that she may not remember in 50 years. This is brilliant! I want something like this for my wedding! Please photograph it? lol

Butterfly Photography - Hi Josh! These pictures really capture the emotion of love and romance. This set is so calming to look at and really makes the viewer FEEL that emotion.

Tiffany Brook - I always feel so inspired every time I visit Josh Gow’s site! I <3 JoshGowPhotography.com!

Rebecca Lindy - Josh, this is the nicest composition I have seen in a long time and I love how you laid out the pictures and compiled them.

Claire - Lovely, lovely, lovely. I LOVE the photo where the couple is laying on the grass together.

Renee Thompson - STUNNING PHOTOS! These are so artistic. I feel like I am in love because these photos just capture that feeling!

Krista Brown - Hey Josh – this is a job that is too outstanding to be said with words.

Yael - Oh wow…. Gabrielle looks lovely in these photos. I love the colors.

Sidd Rishi - Josh these are seriously beautiful. Love the couple shots. Who would have thought a shot of the bride next to a lamp would look elegant. Great work!!!

Monte - Love these Josh! Their first look is incredibly sweet. You’ve captured some really beautiful, genuine moments :) On a side note, that reception venue is beautiful!

Marie - Only REAL men cry…. and that is one AMAZING shot as he sees his bride walk his way! Well done on capturing that!

Mel Sheed - LOVE the image in the mirror!!!!

Olivie - The photographs are wonderful. Setting and poses are thoughtful and exquisite.

Sibyla - These pictures are very well done. Justin and Gabrielle both looked so happy! What a nice photos to remember wonderful day.

Bianca - What a great post, thanks a lot for sharing this with us. amazing photography, great talent.
God Bless both Justin and Gabrielle

Jason - I really like the way the moments are being captured. You can see the happiness is all over the place.

Sally O'Donnell - What a beautiful wedding, your images have such a lovely light feeling to them. Lovely!

Kian - WOW! Colorful, magical and truly lovely. And the bride’s dress… amazing! Fabulous photos!

Evie - I think Josh truly captured the look and feel of the day and the wonderfull scenes that the location had to offer.

Holly - These are so beautiful and fun! Looks like everyone had a fabulous time, and you did a great job capturing that.

Tia May - the wedding photos are so stunning and Josh have truely captured the moments, well done.

Sofia Cox - my goodness. these photos are absolutely lovely! what a gorgeous place to have a weddings!! great job

Kayla - Those pictures, that couple, and that location, are so georgeous that had to look twice to make certain they were real!

Gregory - Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. Sitting in my NY office on a dull clamy day, your pictures made my coffee break a wonderful escape.

lana - the portraits you manage to grab are so simple and brilliant

Rus Photography - love the intimacy and simplicity of it all high fives Josh & Kylie

Carla - Gorgeous! I love all of them, especially love the retro feel to few of the photos. Lovely!

Emily Dias - Your photography will make guests relive the wedding again, and family and friends who did not attend, were able to feel as if they were celebrating it. Great shots, Josh.

Al - I loved the wedding and the location! wow! … and the brideis beautiful :)

Mary - these photographs are exactly what i want for my future wedding! really an inspiration. great work Josh!

Julie - I am in love with your mirror shots! They are unique and really lovely! Definitely sets you apart from your competition!

Jenn - I love how you captured the intimate beauty of the bride and all her special moments! She will LOVE these!

Leanne Brischetto - Oh my gosh – the ones of the groom tearing up are such great captures and amazing for their family to look back on in years to come. Great work guys!

chloe - These are such gorgeous images. So elegant.

Tristian - really nice photography and editing too

Tom Castlera - what an awesome awesome job you did. these are stunning, Josh!!

Mick - Oh Josh, this is just insanely good. You killed it.

Hayley E - what a lovely wedding! I love how they look at each others. your work is beautiful, as always.

Tegan Long - Your photos are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! it was a true pleasure watching this! What an inspiration.

Billy Lyons - Outstanding Work Dude, you have a excellent skills for photography

Harrison - Great work. I have never seen such a beautiful work. Congrats

Kiera - These photos are awesome,very artistic and immortalize special events of your life!

Abbie - Your work speaks for itself, the photos are amazing!

Tosha Riley - Lovely work, you are extremely talented in so many ways

Matthew - I love the location and all the emotions you seemed to capture. Great photography… :)

Jayden - Loved the venue and you’ve totally nailed this wedding from the beginning to the end. Perfect :)

Charles - I love this post so so much. You have the gift to show us the beauty. Wonderful. :)

Noah - Really great work, You did a superb job with all the portraits. Top Notch

Sally Zarka - Oh these are stunning :)

Casey Raymond - Again,Outstanding work. I really like the fig tree shot and the pure joy on the grooms face as his bride walks in. Really solid work.

Agi Davis - beautiful work Josh! I love the way you capture little details!

Tim Harris - Awesome set love the emotion captures!

Canon 5D Mark III ~ Wedding Photography Review

The latest buzz on the camera scene is the introduction of Canon’s new 5D Mark III digital SLR camera. A camera the industry is calling everything professionals wanted from the Canon 5D Mark II.

Until recently most of the work and reviews featured online has been based on pre-production models and tests in non-wedding environments. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on a production model early and have put it through its paces at a recent wedding.

This post is written from our perspective as wedding photographers who have captured our work with Canon 5D and 5D Mark II cameras for a few years now. So should you believe the hype and race out and buy one?

The first thing you notice when you pick up the Canon Mark III is the feel of confidence in the equipment – the grip, the sturdiness, the size and the finish (magnesium alloy). It all feels that bit more durable.

Scrolling through the menu functions and using the controls you will find them fairly different to the Canon 5D Mark II, with a combination of elements from other Canon ranges brought together. There is many new AF functions, as well as a more user friendly menu and associated controls.

Rather then detail the specifications of the camera, let’s get to the key points of why I think it’s a worthy successor to the Canon 5D Mark II from the point of view of wedding photography. Also, what I’d like to see improved and/or upgraded with firmware.

6400-ISO. Ambient Lighting.
jgp canon 5d markiii 6400ISO Canon 5D Mark III ~ Wedding Photography Review

Key Wedding Photography Features

Silent shutter mode. What a great feature. For those quiet moments during a recent small church wedding ceremony, as well as those documentary style photographs throughout the day this function came in handy.

Auto Focus improvement. When you first open the auto focus menu functions prepare to be confused – there are now many more modes which Canon 5D users would not be accustom to using. I found myself reverting to what I know and prefer which is the use of single point, spot metering with back button focus. Mark III wise, this camera did not disappoint locking focus with fast L series lenses at apertures of 1.2-1.4 all day and night from low to high ISO ranges.

High ISO improvement. I’ve long captured images on our Mark II’s at ISO-3200 without hesitation. At times I would have preferred that extra stop to obtain perfect exposure in low light reception situations, particularly when pushing prime lenses at already slow shutter speeds and fast apertures. I find ISO-6400 and ISO-8000 on the Mark III very impressive. Beyond this, I actually find ISO-12800 and above would over expose our images from the view that I didn’t need that much light without significantly slowing the shutter speed and aperture. Not really a disadvantage though, providing that bit of ISO in the back pocket for when it might be needed.

Screen improved. I’m in two minds about the introduction of the clear view 3.2″ 1,040,000 screen. Once captured, images look beautiful from within camera. I have so far found that the files themselves don’t look as good straight out of camera (SOOC) as what the screen indicates. Somewhat the opposite of what I find with the original 5D which has the most gorgeous files SOOC with a fairly average screen (at the current point in technology advancement).

100% viewfinder coverage. This takes some getting used to if you are used to shooting a little wider for composition purposes with a 98% viewfinder. If you aim to nail the composition in camera like we do, this takes a little getting used too.

Off-camera flash. I’m finding our pocket-wizards have syncing issues (which I’ve also read is a known issue being worked through). Luckily for us we mostly using off-camera video lighting.

Batteries. The same as the Canon 5D Mark II. This is great, especially for wedding photographers like us which have 2 to 4 of everything. It certainly saves us another $500 on new batteries.

Shutter Speed improved. At times when we get a bit more creative with motion at weddings I have found at times the Canon 5D Mark II lacks a bit in the FPS department (3.9 FPS). The introduction of 6 FPS is certainly welcomed for those occasional moments.

Two card slots. The addition of a secure digital card slot (supplementing the compact flash slot) is a nice addition, particularly given the critical nature of wedding photography. We didn’t find ourselves using this (mostly because we don’t have any secure digital cards) though also because we de-risk with only limiting ourselves to a few shots on a card before we swap. We use several cards across every aspect of the wedding day.

Focus confirmation lights. Perhaps just our limited use thus far, though I’ve found sight of where you are focusing hard to gauge with the red confirmation lights of the previous 5D ranges not engaged for every image captured. In particularly, in low light situations it made it difficult to see the black focus points.

6400-ISO. Ambient Lighting.
jgp canon 5d markiii 6400ISO 2 Canon 5D Mark III ~ Wedding Photography Review

So should you believe the hype and race out and buy one?

We’re not completely sold. The improvement in AF and low light capabilities are certainly amazing. However, if you are skilled in AF use on the previous Canon 5D models and use such elements as fast primes and off-camera flash you will find a level of comfort with what you currently use.

If you feel your AF, image quality and low light capability with your current L series lenses is lacking you may enjoy these additional features if the price is right for you (sub ~$4,000 AUD body).

We certainly love this camera and it is mostly everything we’ve wanted to see Canon release for wedding photography.

One key takeaway for consideration. Some of the greatest photographers in the world weren’t even alive in the digital age and made their equipment work for them. A camera is simply a tool, like a hammer is to a carpenter.

Share your thoughts.

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William Mayer - Great review Josh! I have been looking into getting a new camera for some upcoming projects, that has superior video capabilities. This definitely looks like a fantastic camera. I’m impressed at how clear the writing on that tag came out.

Monica Sotela - This sounds like a great camera! Maybe out of my budget since I don’t take a lot of pictures (other than on vacation) but I think this is brilliant for people who do photography as a major hobby or profession.

Claire Hammond - Nice post! Does the Canon 5D Mark III have the integrated Speedlite Transmitter function like the 7D and the 60D?

Renada Thompson - I have a canon 5d mark ii, but I was thinking of selling it and upgrading to a 5d mark iii… however, the specs for the Nikon d800 and mark iii look almost similar. My budget isn’t a problem. Which would you recommend for an upgrade?

Sydney James - I already own Canon 5D Mark II, and I wonder if there are a lot of improvement on 5D Mark III over 5D Mark II.

Lucas - Currently, the camera is little overpriced but I am sure it will go down within 6-12 months. BTW, nice review, loved the article.

Sara Barclay - The 5D mk3 price will probably drop, once the 5D mk2 inventory has been sold. This may be a good time to buy one of the last mk2 models, for anyone wanting to enter the FF arena at a reasonable price.

Thomas Nicolay - Canon just gone from 21MP to 22MP in 4 years? but Nikon had gone all the way to 36MP. I guess Canon is sticking to Sports & Wedding shoots while Nikon and Sony, for landscape, Sports & Wedding photography.

Edward Icely - In video mode there is no continuous autofocus, but when pressing the AF button while recording a video aperture opens up and contrast-detect AF is used to refocus on a different focal point.

Sam Read - It’s completely different camera than Mark ll. I switched from the Canon EOS 1DS Mark ll to the Canon 5D Mark ll a few years ago. Now I just love the Mark lll.

Zane Lonsdale - I’m very excited for canon. I would liked to see higher MP but still less noise at high ISO is more important for me, Im sure this camera will handle noise better than the D800 because of the resolution.

Lilian Beg - The wide angles are nothing spectacular, although the teles are good. All serious architecture shooters go with other adapted lenses offering better corner sharpness.

Bobbie Moreland - I want to know whether the videos with the new camera looks sharper without adding sharpening, or looks the same.

Rick Sekhon - I am a PRO photographer and I shoot in very low light and the ISO range on this new camera is just awesome with little noise. The AF is faster and I love the new LCD screen. My advise, buy it.

Joseph Fernandez - I usually shoot in Manual mode. I wonder if this camera is so intelligent that it would take better pictures in full auto or Aperture mode than I could in Manual?

Jeffrey Bailey - So many people complaining that its an expensive camera. But actually, It’s not, it costs what it’s worth. If you can’t afford it, maybe you don’t really need a camera like this one.

Jerry Martin - I love to upgrade my old 35mm SLR to this digital 5d Mark III, but cost too high. The screen is not touch screen and video only work up to 30 frames. The body of this new mark III is too large and no GPS build in.

Curt T. Whaley - I think people should wait a price drop so that it is more reasonable but the geek in me just want to have the best of the best and I might have to pick this one up over the Mark II.

Pamela Krehbiel - Video quality is almost the same as of Mark II… looks more like 720p resolution-wise… great camera for stills but video enthusiasts will be disappointed. Not even 1080p at 60fps :(

Billy C. Payne - This is particularly useful if you take photos say during a press conference or during a wedding ceremony. I also like the idea of the subjects not know how many photos I’m taking. I find that the shutter sound makes them tense up a bit.

Bobby Perez - This is an excellent and most comprehensive review of the 5D Mark 3 to date!!! Makes me happy with my 5D Mk3 purchase. I love the camera, longer fear shooting at 6400 ISO any more. I regularly shoot in little to no light at 6400 and higher!!!!

Raleigh - nice camera, felt solid in my hands but slippery feel to the grip, its not really rubbery more plasticity. quiet mode is silent though. which is nice for full frame camera.

Jinny - I think if you compare the feature set of this camera not only to the previous 5D Mark II, but to cameras that cost much more, you can see why the Mark III is worth the price. The C300 is the next large-sensor camera that can record internally at more than 30mbps. But at $16,000, it’s nowhere near as affordable as this camera. In terms of low-light performance, there isn’t another full-frame camera out there at this price point that can match it, and the next closest camera is another $1500 (FS100).:-)

Sarah - The Canon 5D Mark II could resolve at best 650-800 lines of resolution. Aliasing helped tremendously to make this camera appear like it was shooting 1080p. In actuality, it was shooting 720p upscaled. For many purposes the aliasing sufficed, but it reared its ugly head on camera movements and straight lines. In this new generation of cameras, that type of performance would be unacceptable. Thankfully, Canon looks to have improved the down-scaling algorithm to the point where this camera will be resolving much closer to 1080p..

Rohit - Based on the improvements Canon has made to noise reduction, the 5D Mark III could be the best performing full-frame camera at this price point in low-light situations. Color fidelity also looks to be much improved at high ISOs, and should retain more information. Based on what Canon has said about a two-stop improvement in noise overall, this camera is virtually noiseless at all normal shooting ISOs.

Kayla - Very nice post!! I loved reading it. You possess some significant knowledge in this wonderful field of photography.:-) Very professional.

Ruth - Personally, I agree that the Mark III is more expensive than the upgrades it has. But that doesn’t make this camera pointless. The MIII makes sense- sure, the IQ isn’t vastly improved, but it doesn’t need to be. The AF, video, and other incremental upgrades are good enough. Sure, it isn’t a completely different tool, but it’s a refined tool, and for some people it’s the right tool.

Murray - 1Ds MkIII with improved AF, lower high-ISO noise, and +1 fps in a smaller form factor for half price? For low-light event shooters like me, the AF and fps alone make this a HOT camera. Yeah, the Nikon D800 is nice, but I NEED better than 5fps when shooting onstage performances and presentations. The 5D MkIII alternatives all either lack one of my performance requirements or cost substantially more. D800? Only 4fps and huge FF RAW file size. D700? Only 12MP. 1Ds MkIII, 1D MkIV or D4? Nice, but bulky and too expensive. 5D MkII? Mediocre AF. 7D? Too noisy. The 5d MkIII is EXACTLY the camera I’ve been waiting for.

Aijaz - Funny how people regard 1-series AF as an incremental upgrade. No, incremental would have been the 7D AF. A significant upgrade would have been the 45 point AF from the 1D4. The fact that the 5D3 has the 1DX 63 point AF module is nothing short of wonderful. We have not seen such a well-rounded Canon since the film EOS 3. I’ve had a 30D, 40D, 1DIIN, 5DII, 7D, and now the 5D3. The 5D3 is the best yet by a significant margin in every regard except for 2 less fps. I will have this camera for a long time.:-)

Fred - Very nice review Josh!For me, the better high ISO image quality, autofocus and shooting speed are enougf to go for Mark III over other cameras..

Ross - Another masterpiece by Canon! I wonder what Nikon is going to do now.

James - This would be a perfect equipment for a wedding photographer like me.. I will suggest this post to few of my colleagues too.

Harris - I will really buy this one. I am a part time photographer but still i might fancy having this. I need to see this in my hand.

Stephan - I’ve been eagerly awaiting to see such a convincing and thorough review on the much awaited Cannon 5DIII with 22 megapixel HDSLR that make it a worthy successor to the 5DMII..Wish i had the money to purchase right now but will hav to wait for sometime..!

Mick - Awesome review Josh..I hav been pursuing my diploma in photography and this is really helpful and lot informative. Thanx!!

Rickie Dsouza - Thanks for the information mate..I’ve seen the Cannon5D Mark III has a 22MP full frame sensor in a body that’s based on the EOS 7D design, and with a 61-point AF system borrowed from the flagship EOS-1D X..This is just a dream camera..

Ned - A wonderful review Josh!! Its great to see the specifications described in detail of the Cannon 5DIII.. I’ve been using the old cannon 5DI and really wish to purchase this someday.. Just waiting for a small depreciation in the huge price!:-)

vikta - I only have mine a few days, and I love the way you expressed if you have the “L” Glass and could use the improvements with ISO and AF modes. Mainly because I did just that, upgraded from a 7D. IQ is 5 times better especially at any ISO of 400 and above from a 7D. Currently using 35 f1.4L, 24-105 f4L, 100mm macro f2.8L and 70-200 f2.8L ii. Although these are great lenses with a 7D, they just seem to become top Professional on a 5Dmk3. I also did have a AF Alder Security problem first night out with all AF points lighting up when composting shots, but later read the manual and found that I needed to first select my AF Points wanted ( Expanded 9 Point ) and then choose a second AF menu, Af Point Display during focus and then another menu shows up and I had to make a third choice selected ( constant ). These steps set the camera to display only those AF points I chose to use while focusing and not all 61 which is disturbance for composition. On my 7D is used Spot 90%, on the 5Dmk3 I will be using the center 9AF points becasue tightness of AF points and accuracy. Also the metering seemed to give my weight to my AF selection. I’m so glad I didn’t purchase the mk2 and waited for the 5Dmk3, for my money it is vastly superior in AF, metering, build quality, ISO and video.

rich - awesome review josh! we’re in the same boat as you – it’s a really really great camera but the price is so high! you got some absolutely beautiful images with it!

Toni Raper - Hi Josh! thanks for honest review, really helpful, I especially liked your last paragraph :)

vanessa brown - great review. I am concerned over the screen appearance compared to file appearance Adam Schanz as i was previously using a 7d before my 5d and found the screen and focus of the 7 to not be what i want in a camera. have you ever used a 7d? i have heard that the screen:file difference is more like the 7d. do you know if this is true?
also not too sure what the focus confirmation light is that you talk about…i might need to google that…

Sidd Rishi - Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the new 5d3. Interesting to hear about the screen. I will be getting my 5d3 tomorrow or day after so I will surely test this out as well.

But glad your enjoying the 5d3 :)

Cheers Josh.

Simone Carter - awesome post Josh – thank you!

Marie - Fantastic review Josh – I had my suspicions from other reviews that the upgrade wouldn’t be worth it for me and what I do in the studio – thanks for confirming it :)

Tim Harris - You just sold me, might have to pick one up ASAP.

Leanne Brischetto - Thanks Josh – just the review I was wanting to read. So appreciate you Matthews Smilestaking the time to write it!

yukon - You have given me more to consider thanks for the thorough review on your initial thoughts Josh

Hans - Thank you this is the review I have been wanting to see